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Slovníček pro dyslektiky


May 28th - 31st

Revision, games.
Tests 1-3, 4-6, 7-9.

May 21st - 25th

Our world - kings and queens.
Quizzy´s questions.
Test Unit 9.
Games -


May 14th - 18th

Cross-culicular links - inventions, history 
Vocabulary -
Project: What a fantastic year!
Colin in Computerland - the last part.
Rhyme On a very hot Tuesday

May 2nd - 11th
Unit 9 - What happend?

Story -
Vocabulary -
Chant I went to a shop
Past simple: go - went, buy - bought, have - had, see - saw, play - played


April 23rd - 27th

Readers´stories. Our world.
Tests Unit 8.

April 16th - 20th

Cross-curricular: Weather graphs.

April 9th - 13th

The weather forecast.
Song Umbrellas, umbrellas! -

April 3rd - 6th

Unit 8 - What´s the weather like? -
Story It´s snowing -


March 26th - 28th

Revision Unit 7 - tests.

March 19th - 23rd

Sound machine. Listening, writing, speaking.
Rhyme time I´ve got a hippo:

March 12th - 16th

Song Johnny is a postman
Where does he /she work? He works in a restaurant. Who works in a supermarket? Shop assistant.
She plays tennis. He goes to school. (present simple)
Cross-curricular links - Sun system.

March 5th - 9th

Unit 7 - People at work
Story We´re late
Tools for jobs -


February 19th - 23rd

Revision Unit 1-6.
Project - Me and Europe.


February 12th - 16th

Cross-curricular links: Looking at books.
What´s on TV? My favourite TV programme.
Game - find a friend.
Rhyme time: My cousin´s on a cookery show -
Colin in Computerland - The end of planet Earth.
Our world - holidays and festivals (St. Valentine´s day, fireworks, ...), months of the year (January, February, ...).


February 5th - 9th

Unit 6 - Just for fun!
Story Dad at the sportcentre -
Song I do my homework -

Do you like ...? Yes, I do. I love ... x No, I don´t.
Days of the week.
TV programmes.



January 29th - February 2nd

Revision Unit 1-5. Interviews. Games.


January 22nd - 26th

Rhyme time Quick, call a taxi! -
Colin in Computerland - listening, writing.
Our world - travelling.
Tests Unit 5.


January 15th - 19th

Game: Maze -
I want to go to the library. How much is the ticket? - 75 p. / speaking
Cross-curricular links - maps reading, directions (Turn left, turn right, go straight on, pass the library).


January 8th - 12th

Unit 5 - In the town.

Kites -
Vazba There is ... / There are ... There is a blue kite. There are lots of purple kites. Množné číslo podstatných jmen.

Transport -
Song Look all around -


January 3rd - 5th

Revision Unit 1-4. Tests.


December 18th - 22nd

Colin in Computerland - part 3.
Poetry competition. Write a poem.
Our world - Animals (project).
Rhyme time:


December 11th - 15th

Adjectives: taller, shorter, thinner, fatter, bigger, smaller,... I´m younger than Mike. You are older than me.
Prepositions (opposite, next to, behind, in front of, near)


December 4th - 8th

Unit 4 - A day at the zoo.

Animals -
Story: Are they monkeys? -
Song: I´m a very big animal -


November 27th - December 1st

Revison Unit 3. Tests.


November 20th - 24th

Story Colin in Computerland.
Our world - about meals.

Rhyme time: Eggs and bread -


November 13th - 16th

breakfast - lunch - dinner / I have lunch at half past twelve.
At the restaurant. - Can I have a large lemonade, please? - Here you are!
Healthy eating - recipes. Fruit and vegetable.
What do people eat for breakfast? - project. ALWAYS x SOMETIMES x NEVER


November 6th - 10th

Unit 3 - Food, food, food -

Story Shopping for mum -

Shopping list - at the supermarket (game). What´s the time? It´s eleven o´clock. It´s half past eight. -

Song I have breakfast ... -


October 30th - November 3rd

Revision Unit 2. Tests.
Halloween - project.


October 23rd - 25th

Rhyme His bike, her bike:

Healthy food - project (healthy recipes).


October 16th - 20th

Cross curriculum - Comparing ages (How old is she/he?)
The fabulous Fortune family (music band) - interview.
Colin in computerland - listening, writing.
Games -


October 2nd - 6th

Unit 2

Picture dictionary -

Story The presents -

Song My brother ... -


September 25th - 27th

Revision Unit 1. Test.


September 18th - 22th

How do you spell ... Blacky? chant -

Find the words game. Spelling. Crosswords.
English magazines (cartoons, facts, puzzles).
Writing - messages, about me (My favourite magazine)
Vocabulary - a

Games -


September 11th - 15th

Introduction HH2. Game - Can you find? Song -

Unit 1 - Welcome back!

Alphabet cards. Pairs crossword.
Listen and read Where is Flossy? -

The Alphabet chant -

Game - I spy with my little eye something beginning with "C". Spelling.
Grammar: What is this? This is a cat. x What are these? These are footprints.


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