Vyučující: Mgr. Bc. Ing. Jitka Tenklová

Učebnice: Didaktis 2

Časový rozvrh: 3 hodiny týdně, pondělí a čtvrtek


Slovníček pro dyslektiky


May 28th - 31st

Chapter 27 - How was it?
Where were you yesterday?

May 21st - 25th

Past simple - WAS, WERE, WASN´T, WEREN´T.
Yesterday, last week, ...

May 14th - 18th

Where were you?
Chapter 25 - At the weekend I was ... (past simple).
Prepositions IN, ON, AT.



May 2nd - 11th

Revision Chapters 21-24 - Meeting friends.

April 23rd - 27th

Dialogues - in a café.
What´s the date today? Ordinal numbers.

April 16th - 20th

Present simple x present continuous
Daily routines - I play tennis every Monday.

April 9th - 13th

Revision 17-20 (travelling). Test 5.
Chapter 21 - What are you doing?
Are you skiing? No, I´m not. Are you playing football? Yes, I am.


April 3rd - 6th

When does the train leave? It leaves at ...

March 26th - 28th

Chapter 20 - A trip to the castle
single / return ticket  - travelling
The weather.

March 19th - 23rd

Chapter 18 - Turn right.
Directions. Map of the city.
Cross, across, along, straight ahead, ...
Chapter 19 - Let´s go to the castle.
Transport. Trevelling.
Go by car. Take a taxi. Ride a bike.

March 12th - 16th

Chapter 17 - Where are the toilets?
Prepositions - behind, opposite, on the left, on the right, between, ...
Can you help me, please? Where is the park?
Directions - turn right...


March 5th - 9th

Chapter 16 - I dream about a castle.
Revision units 13 - 16.

February 19th - 23rd

Chapter 15 - Grandma´s false teeth
Furniture - sofa, cupboard, fridge, microwave, sink, dishwasher, cooker, chair, table.
Prepositions - under, in, on, next to, between, behind, in front of.
Vazba There is ... / There are ...

February 12th - 16th

Chapter 14 - Tobi´s pets
Adjectives - wild, dangerous, domestic, friendly, ...
Where does it live? On the farm/in the forest/near the sea/in the jungle.
How many pets have you got? How many legs has it got? Can it swim? What colour is it?

Chapter 13 - Animals.
Map of the world.
Where does lion live? It lives in Africa.
What does it eat? It eats fruit and vegetable.
Farm x wild animals. Zoo (project).

Where do you live? I live in Europe.


February 5th - 9th

Revision Hobbies and work.
Project My diary.
Test 3.

Januarty 29th - February 2nd

Chapter 12 - Goal! About sports.
Chapter 11 - I never comb my hair.

January 22nd - 26th

Chapter 10 - I have to help.
Days of the week.

January 15th - 19th

Chapter 9 - I get up at 6 a. m.
What time do you get up? Why do you go to sleep so late at night? Does he visit his uncle? - present simple / questions and answers.
My daily routines.


January 8th - 12th

Present simple - He sits. She studies. Does she want to be a vet?
Project 2 - The best school (My dream classroom).
Test Chapter 5-8.

January 3rd - 5th

Chapter 8 - My father´s job.
I am a vet. I cure animals.


December 18th - 22nd

Chapter 6 - Is Tobi good at Art? No, he is good at Maths.
vazba to be good at ... (být v něčem dobrý, něco mi jde). Tobi is good at painting.

Chapter 7 - Our house is on fire. Be careful!
Don´t worry, be happy - song (Bob Marley).
Open the window. Don´t open the door.

December 11th - 15th

Chapter 5 - Timetable

Lessons - Maths, Art, History, Geography, P. E., English, Music
What do you have on Mondays? I have Maths, English, Art and History. What do you do in Music? We sing and play the piano. What do you need for P.E.? I need trainers, T-shirt, shorts.


December 4th - 8th

Revision Chapter 1 - 4 / Friends and family.
Project - Our Celebrity Gallery (do 21.12.2017)

November 27th - December 1st

Chapter 3 - I don´t eat my friends

Would you like ... I´d like ...
a piece/a cup/a bottle/a glass of cake/coffee/milk/juice

November 20th - 24th

Chapter 2 - Tobi plays the dedgeridoo.
Do you play ...? - Yes, I do. x No, I don´t. (present simple)
Musical instruments.

November 13th - 16th

Angličtina 5: Chapter 1 - A new friend.
to have got: I have got / I´ve got - you have got / you´ve got - he has got / he´s got - she has got / she´s got - we have got / we´ve got - they have got / they´ve got
Zájmena THIS x THAT.
Musical instruments.


November 6th - 10th

Project - Map of the world
Test - revision chapters 29-32.
Life in Great Britain.


October 30th - November 3rd

Halloween - project
Revision. Project - John Grey.

October 23th - 25th

Healthy life style - project (healthy recipes).

October 16th - 20th

Chapter 30 - Seasons

Spring - summer - autumn - winter.

Chapter 31 - The countryside
fields - meadows - lake - forest ...
I don´t know. x I don´t understand.

October 2nd - 6th

Chapter 29 - The weather
What´s the weather like? - It´s rainy/foggy/sunny/windy.
I´m playing tennis and you are swimming. - present continuous


September 25th -27th

Project (Birthday party - Invitation). Test Chapter 25-28.

September 18th - 22th

Chapter 28 - A birthday party
What are you doing? - I´m eating. What is he/she doing? - He/She´s dancing. What are they doing? - They´re singing.
Happy birthday song.

September 11th - 15th

Chapter 27 - At the restaurant
I would like ... Would you like ...? Yes, please. x No, thank you.
Can you pass me the salt, please?
Menu. Can I help you?


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